Sunday, March 24, 2013

Declaration of Independence

When society gets to a point where your ability to succeed in life is likely already dictated before you are even born, it has gone too far. To hold a well paying job it’s almost necessary that you have connections, and now perfectly skilled workers are unfairly left stranded and lost. Most people are never even given a fair chance to prove themselves. Governments are exploiting what they claim to be equal rights, and so we’re here to change that. We are motivated to insert the idea of equality and fair opportunities to not just the workplace, but also to the rest of society.
            General societies are categorized into groups, such as the rich and poor or the white and black, and it can really affect people’s chances of being given certain opportunities. However, Ditas isn’t a general society. The only groups we have are “the People”, and everyone is included in it. Exclusion is imaginary because everyone here is equal. No one is looked at as if they are different because we are all valued the same. With equality in mind, everyone has the opportunity to make a living that they can enjoy. Poverty is also nonexistent due to our large amount of social programs for when people are in need. Each and every person will have equal access to our social programs as we are all valued members of the community.
            Ditas is also a fortress of relaxation and happiness. The government has a large involvement in the people’s lives and therefore the citizens are left with very few decisions to make. Due to this, stress is limited and it leaves more time to enjoy the company of others and the beauty of the land. Overall, Ditas’ equal opportunities and relaxing atmosphere gives it a unique beauty that has long disappeared from most other societies. 

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