Sunday, March 24, 2013

Invitation to Friends

Dear Magnus,
            Since I left home and set off to live in Ditas, I have really seen a change in myself. My mood is so much happier probably and I’d have to say it’s due to my surrounding. This place is a paradise. It’s just so peaceful and beautiful. I really wish that I would have made the move a lot earlier. Ditas really is a new start for me. They accept me and I’m loving it. All I’m asking in this letter, is for you to join me here in Ditas and start a new life with me.
            You can’t get me started about the scenery around here. I could marvel at its beauty for an eternity. St. Catharines even come close to the magnificent views we have in Ditas. Imagine teal water that you can see the sand through replacing the muddy black waters of Lake Ontario, and trees that bear fresh fruits instead of pine needles. I wish I could give you an image, but the only way is for you to see it for yourself. Believe me, you’ll get lost in your surroundings and all of your worries will be gone.
            Unlike in the city, bullies don’t exist here. Everyone is so friendly because we are all frequently reassured of how no one of us is better than the other. Ditas is a land of equality and relaxation. I’m in a violence free zone. I haven’t even heard the word murder since I arrived here. Stress is also non-existent because the government eliminated our usually necessary nail-biting decisions. They choose for us and now we don’t have to worry. Life is just so much happier and easier here.
            It’s a big change from Canada, but it’s honestly the closest thing in the world to perfection. There is not much more that you could ask for. So come join me in Ditas. You won’t believe your eyes when they set first sight on this wonderland. Never again will you have to deal with being labeled and judged. Just take a seat, relax and enjoy the ride, because moving to this land of dreams will free your mind.

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