Sunday, March 24, 2013

Our Official Logo and Motto

The official logo of Ditas is a representation of how different cultures can come together to live side by side in a better community. The group of different coloured hands shows how we have the ability to forget our separate cultures and live together like one big family. Each hand is reaching towards eachother to promote the idea that we are all equal in Ditas. They are looking forward to sharing the community together and aren’t ignoring each other because everyone is on the same level. The middle of the crest shows a picture of a liger (Ditas’ National Animal), which is used to represent equality and unity (as we will explain in another section). Finally, the words at the bottom read, “Everything for everyone, nothing for ourselves”. It is our country’s motto and will be explained below.
Ditas’ motto,”Everything for everyone, nothing for ourselves” is used to describe the intention of our small government. Our government is similar to a communist or socialist government and is run by a very concentrated amount of people. The leaders of Ditas are selfless and other than their abilities to make rules, they don’t believe that they are any more important than our other citizens. The motto tells us that the leaders don’t need anything special and would rather be able to split the wealth evenly between our people. The motto recognizes that the government’s greatest concern is the people, and they don’t value themselves more than anyone else.

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