Sunday, March 24, 2013

Governing Body

Ditas is a communist country, run by 3 leaders. All decisions are passed down to a senate that functions as a main government, and all ideas from the government must be approved by the 3 leaders in a vote of at least 2-1. Each government official will be in charge of certain aspects, such as the automotive industry, or the military, with other representatives of lower standing running the district businesses.  For example, a tree of decision making and leadership would be as follows:
Leaders > Senate Representative > District Advisor > Business Representative > Population
Citizens decide which career they would like to partake in, and they all pay equal wage.  If the country is in need of new workers for a specific job, incentives will be in place that will not distinguish people from others, but give them an extra benefit for helping the community.  Wages will be Ditrops, the form of currency in Ditas.  Each worker has a Ditrops card that the government fills with Ditrops points. They can use these to purchase different items from government owned stores.  Higher quality items will be worth more, so one could decide to have high end furniture, with less electronics for example, or perhaps choose to have a better fridge, than television.  To become a government official, members will either be born into it, or you must do something great for the community, such as inventing a revolutionary product, or help save someone's life.  Many opportunities to be recognized are available, and will be awarded.
Each year, a vote will take place to implement a new rule.  Citizens will have the opportunity to submit decisions on how the governing body could improve life in Ditas, as we are all for making everyone's life equal, and stress free.  Every person is allowed to submit decisions and ideas, and each one will be looked upon equally.  If the leaders of the country decide to implement a rule, it will be announced.  Within a 3 month period, if enough people in the community choose to overturn the rule, it will be revoked.

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