Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rules of Ditas

 No Violence – Any type of harassment, abuse, disruption, murder, etc. are strongly frowned upon and will result in a court hearing to determine the proper punishment.
Civilians do not have the right to bear arms -  Independent production and civilian ownership of guns are completely illegal. Only the peacekeeping force is allowed to bear arms, and the only producers of guns will be a private group that is owned by the government. If caught in possession of a gun it will be confiscated and you will be provided with a court hearing. If you are not able to provide a proper reason for having the weapon, the death penalty will likely be enforced.
Citizens have the right to protest a law enforcement – If you believe that you have been unfairly penalized for disrespecting a bylaw, you have 72 hours from the time that the “crime” was committed to submit a formal appeal. The appeal will be reviewed by government advisors who have the ability to overturn or modify the original penalty.
No Religions may not be practiced – Religious opinions are not to be expressed publically in order to help avoid conflict and war.
Points are the only way to purchase items – When an adult joins the work force at age 18 they will receive a points card. The government will put points onto the card’s account when you are paid for your occupation. These points will be used to purchase items at government-owned shops.
All businesses are to be government owned - Citizens are not allowed to attempt to make earnings by selling items/services on their own. The government has control over all businesses to ensure that all decisions and promotions are fair and to reassure that everything runs smoothly.
Slander is not permitted against any members of society – Stereotyping, and looking down upon people for their differences is not allowed based on the opinion that all our community’s members are equal.
All people have an equal right to have job opportunities – After finishing basic schooling at age 14, teenagers will have to choose a future career. With all career choices, there are 3 to 5 years of training that newcomers must participate in before entering the workforce. Everybody has equal abilities to get whatever jobs they want, as the only prerequisites are that you attended basic schooling from ages 6-14. For jobs that are in high demand but do not have enough workers to accommodate the needs, an extra incentive will also be provided to newcomers that are willing to take them.
Workers must retire by age 65 – To ensure that there are fair opportunities for young adults, older workers cannot stay in jobs after age 65. The government will provide all retirees with a pension plan that is created based on how long they laboured in the workforce.
Pets are prohibited – Equality goes for all humans and animals alike. No animals are allowed to be kept as pets. The capture of or killing of animals would be treated in the same way as if it were a human. Animals must be given the opportunity to live in harmony with the rest of their species in a natural habitat.

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