Sunday, March 24, 2013

Journal Entries

Below are journal entries taken from current citizens explaining exciting encounters that they have had since first moving to Ditas.

Dear Diary,
Today has been a sort of an awkward day for me, I just joined this new community and they had a special dinner and celebration for my family feel welcomed. It was nice to be noticed and feel included with everyone else. I have never had the same amount of things as everyone else and I have always been excluded from the community. People are so friendly here and they help me a lot through my schooling. I have never been to school before this week due to my mother not being able to afford it I really love school and have already made so many new friends in my classes. My parents also love it here, they used to always be stressed out and stay inside the house because we barely had enough money to pay the bills, now they both have jobs at the local grocery store and we go out as a family every Friday night to spend time together. The celebration was so much fun today and a great new experience! Well, I guess I should go to bed now, I have to wake up for school tomorrow morning.

Dear Diary, 
      We have been living here for about a week and a half now and today was my sons very first day of school, it appeared as if he really loved it and has made a lot of new friends within the community. The last few years have been really tough on him and all the kids in the other cities would bully and push him around all the time. I was starting to give up on myself and felt like a failure because of the horrible life I was providing for my son. It feels really great to see him fit in and feel equal to everyone else within this community for a change. This community has made a huge impact on my interpretation of the world and life itself; it’s made my life change for the better. 

Dear Diary,
I’ve only been in Ditas for a few months, but I’m already starting to fall in love with this place. It’s not just the captivating beauty, but more the thought that I’m a part of a community. Of course, I guess my inclusion in the census would make you think I was in a community, but back in Canada I didn’t really feel included in mine. In Ditas, however I’m getting invited to events by neighbours that I didn’t even know I have. It makes me feel more desirable and important when I’m included. My knew feelings are all due to an idea promoting by our government and that idea is that “All of the habitants of Ditas are equal”.
So now, onto my story. I received a knock on my door early this Saturday morning and I opened it to see an adolescent women. The woman handed me a pamphlet and told me about a festival going on at a nearby park later in the evening. I was shocked to get an invite from someone I didn’t know, but I guess that’s one of the perks of Ditas. Back home in Canada, I was never invited to parties and the feeling of being included for once shook me. It was an easy decision for me to immediately verify my attendance.
            I waited anxiously for hours until the small hand struck 5. It was finally time to leave. I never would have expected the fun that I had next. Moving to a distant land alone is hard to adapt to for a man who is as shy as me. I didn’t really know anyone at the festivities, but it was fine because everyone was acting as if they’d been friends with me for years. They were so accepting and nice, they didn’t have second thoughts or have to question me. I was free to have fun and enjoy myself. Nobody around me cared who I was specifically, it was all about who WE were. We were all citizens of Ditas, a land that believes in fairness and equality. None of us are valued more than another, and so we were free to just be what we wanted, no questions asked.
            2 months ago, I never would have imagined myself attending a party and breaking out of my shell. I came here for the beautiful surroundings, but now I know that the people are what are going keep me here. I’m loving myself more than ever and I couldn’t be happier. I personally don’t have any regrets or worries at the moment. I’m thankful that I can live here in Ditas, the land that welcomed me with opening arms.

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